Help & How To

Click on links below to access how-tos and resources for Water LA solutions. As plans are developed and standardized you'll find them here.

Basics: Creating a Watershed-Wise Home   A simple primer from our Basics workshop.

Site Assessment and Design: Every Water LA project starts with the site evaluation. This step is necessary to determine what your needs are, and how to design a strategy. 

Soil Building & Grading for Rainwater Capture:   The most basic step you can take to managing water on your property is building your soil so that it can absorb water, and then doing some gentle grading to keep more water in place. 

Select Plants & Water Right: Water LA guides to slection and proper planting, and a basic primer on irrgation changes. Plus LA City standards and recommended street trees.

No Hard Yards!  Mitigate hardscapes to create space for rainwater infiltration. There are many, many ways to think about design, whatever you decide, here are some basics you need to know.  

Greywater Systems:  Basic system information and requirements, resources for DIY, and an installation workflow. Plus the permit application and guidelines for a shower or lavatory system in Los Angeles.

DIY Rain Barrels & Rain Chains:  Simple and pretty collection solutions, easy to build, easy to install.

Kill Your Lawn!: Using a sod cutter and sheet mulching, we reclaim a bit of Southern California lawn for rainwater capture and native plantings. Here's how we do it.

Reclaiming Parkways:  Transforming a boring maintenance headache into a rainwater capture garden. One of the most impactful changes you canm make.

Drywells & Infiltration Trenches  These solutions can make a huge difference in keeping stormwater on your property and out of the streets. And although they may not sound exciting, your design can be very attractive.

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