Attend a Workshop

Water LA home retrofits are completed through a series of hands-on workshops which cover each strategy and involve neighbors who are involved in the pilots and have agreed to implement pilots on their properties.

The following list is workshops that the Water LA does throughout the year.  If you'd like to attend a hands–on workshop to learn how to do one of the strategies, we’d love to have you.

The workshops cover:

Site Assessment, Turf Removal/Soil Building, Rain Tanks, Rain Grading, Parkway Basins, Greywater Systems, Infiltration Trenches, Permeable Paving, Native & Edible Planting, Stewardship

Calendar of Events and Workshops

To join, simply sign up below. We’ll send you the information you’ll need in order to attend, such as a liability waiver as well as a list of supplies to bring with you.  Water LA provides gloves and tools, but encourages anyone attending the workshops to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, etc.

We look forward to having you!