Water LA is now implementing pilot projects in select areas. 

Fill out the Join a Pilot - Interest Form (below) to see if your neighborhood qualifies for a free implementation for your property.

What to expect if your home is located in a Pilot Area:

If your home qualifies for a pilot, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to receive a free Water LA implementation.

  1. Attend an Info Session or Workshop
  2. Submit an Application
    To apply please submit an application (coming soon). Our team will also have hard copies available at the workshops and info sessions.
  3. Once you have been approved to participate in a Water LA pilot, you will be required to:
    • Commit to attend a number of workshops
    • Commit to maintain Water LA strategies for 3 years
    • Grant the Water LA team access to your DWP water usage for up to 3 years (varies by strategy)
    • Sign a liability and photo release for workshops (heads of household)
  4. Initial Site Assessment
    A site assessment is the foundation for determining the best ways for you to capture, conserve and reuse water on your property.
  5. Participate in Workshops and Hands–On Events
    Over the course of a few months, there will be a number of classes which you are required to attend. Workshops will cover: Site Assessment, Turf Removal/Soil Building, Rain Tanks, Rain Grading, Parkway Basins, Greywater, Infiltration Trenches, Permeable Paving, Planting, and Stewardship. There will additionally be opportunities for hands-on work throughout the project.
  6. Design
    Once you have determined which strategies are viable for your site, the Water LA team will work with you to design the implementations for your property.
  7. Implementation
    Implementation of the design on your landscape will be installed by a combination of other participants in the pilot, practitioners in the field, and the Water LA team.
  8. Complete Stewardship  
    Once the Water LA strategies are completed on your property, you will be responsible to maintaining the landscape for at least 3 years, as agreed to in the waiver.